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Amargosa Range sunrise I

Photography is the art of telling stories through images.  To tell these stories, one first has to learn to see; that is, to extract the essence of what is visible around us to convey a message. All of us encounter scenes in our everyday lives.  Yet each of us takes away something unique, a product of our own vision and personality.  We relate what we have experienced to others. Photography allows us to do that visually.  Ken Lawler is a freelance photographer who loves to share his experiences through these visual stories.  He hopes that his images transport the viewer to the exact place and time where they were captured.

The beauty of nature can be found in our national parks and backyards if we simply take the time to see.  We are blessed with a beautiful planet.  Ken hopes that his images inspire the viewer to contribute to the protection and preservation of our world, so that its beauty may be enjoyed by generations to come.

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The images on this site are a small sample of Ken's work.  Contact Ken to review the whole portfolio.

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